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Your journey to digital decarbonisation starts here. Eric Zie - Founder & CEO

Start your journey toward designing and building sustainable, climate friendly digital products and services. You can make a real difference.

The GoCodeGreen Learning Academy contains a series of courses for developers, software engineers, designers, product teams and IT leaders. They have been designed to form learning pathways for these different roles, all commencing with a foundation course to create a common understanding of climate change and the impact of an increasingly digital world.

The need for our learning pathways was identified as we worked with our clients to measure and decarbonise their software. To learn more about how GoCodeGreen can help you more widely please visit our main site.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"

- Nelson Mandela

Learning Courses Available

Select single or multiple learning courses to create a learning pathway suitable for your role. Develop your understanding of digital sustainability and the techniques needed to improve the carbon efficiency of your software products:

We recommend the Foundation Course for all, including non-engineers.

The Sustainable Software Engineering Techniques course requires a good level of technical experience and is designed for developers.

The Applied Learning reinforces the use of techniques so we strongly recommend taking the Techniques Course beforehand.

The introduction to Green Design course is suitable for designers wanting to start their journey toward introducing sustainability into their problem solving and solutioning. It is also suitable for product teams and software developers wanting to better understand green design principles.

The Sustainable IT for Technology Leaders course provides the knowledge to start building an effective Sustainable IT Strategy and practical ways to execute it effectively.

The Introduction to DevSustainOps course explains how you can intersect existing DevOps and FinOps practices with sustainability action to deliver greener digital products at velocity and with efficient use of cloud services.

The latest course, our introduction to Circularity and ICT, will help you understand how a circular IT model can be a major decarbonisation lever as you start to take action to reduce your carbon impact.

Our Learning Pathways

Pick individual courses or take a learning pathway suitable for your role. We recommend that everyone takes the Foundation and DevSustainOps courses to build a solid base for the more advanced learning.

Learning pathways
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